Super Fans & Indie Snobs Actually Have A Lot In Common [STUDY]

Posted August 27

Hey, indie-leaning music snobs — here’s a little bit of a revelation for you: You have a lot more in common with the One Direction/Lady Gaga/Justin Bieber fans that you might have thought. While you may not be going to the same exact shows (unless it’s crossover favorites like Robyn and whatnot), you and that sector of folks we call Super Fans spend pretty much the same number of nights histrionically screaming for your favorite bands/standing in the front row with your arms crossed (respectively).

Concert-finder app Bandsintown recently put out a study delving into what constitutes a music fan. The whole deal was conducted with Insight Strategy Group, and includes data gathered from 1,800 music fans ages 18-59 who are also active online. From there, the study broke respondents down into five groups: 1). Soloists (26% of respondents), or indie fans who aren’t really into going to live shows, 2). Dedicated Diehands (18%), or old-school music fans who like to go to see their favorite bands on occasion, 3). Tag-Alongs (22%), who are basically what they sound like, 4). Plugged-Indies (15%), or indie folks who go to tons of shows, 5). Super Fans (20%), or more mainstream music fans who also go to tons of shows.

Of the above five groups, Super Fans and Plugged-Indies go to the most shows — Super Fans taking in 16 shows per year and Plugged-Indie seeing 13. Super Fans tend to spend more on tickets ($85 per show), likely because they see bigger acts in larger arenas than the more indie-leaning folks.

And the similarities don’t end there — both groups tend to be in their early 30s and single (although Super fans skew more female and indie fans more male). They’re both also pretty active on social media — 89% of Super Fans will update their Facebook status about a show they’re going to see, as will 79% of Plugged-Indies. Both are also likely to share snaps on the social network after the show (83% of Super Fans and 73% of Plugged-Indies). It seems the only real difference is that Super Fans are likely jamming to Maroon 5 at Madison Square Garden, while Plugged-Indies are slopping rail whiskey all over themselves to Grimes at 285 Kent.

Obviously, Bandsintown had its own reasons for launching this study: To improve the product. As a result, the service is launching “Specials,” which will allow bands to offer direct-to-fan perks like meet and greets, special seats and merch to those dedicated fans who love them most.

However — Bandsintown’s aims aside — the study spoke to the O Music Awards as well when it comes to understanding our fanbase. Our fans come from both the Super Fan and Plugged-Indie buckets (obviously we have Super Fans, as that is an award category). Our viewers/voters are both the kinds of people who can score overwhelming victories for bands like 30 Seconds To Mars and those who can help Katy Goodman (of Vivian Girls fame) nab an award from Kanye West’s hands. Both are active online and passionate about the bands they love.

So which one are you, dear reader? Super Fan or Plugged-Indie? Let us know in the comments below!

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