Vertical Music Video Was Made With Mobile In Mind

Posted August 28

Over here at O Music Awards HQ, we’re really into interactive music videos. Hell, we have a whole category dedicated to them. While HTML5-spun wonders and choose-you-own adventure, well, adventures, really get our motors running, sometimes the simplest ideas can be inspiring as well. A reader just sent us a video that he directed, and the novel aspect here is that it’s made to be watched on mobile.

“Super Stereo Surf,” named for the band featured in the video, is a vertical video designed to be watched on your phone, without having to get horizontal with your device. Ease of use isn’t the only reason for the video’s orientation, however. According to director Filipe Gontijo, “You watch the video as you would read a magazine, with the tablet in the vertical orientation. We did a tribute to horror comics of the ’50s using the current way to read comics.” Therefore, the medium is the message. Pretty neat.

Take a look at the video below — perhaps on your mobile device. It’s a little NSFW, but since you can view it all from the palm of your hand, you should be able to adequately shield the vid from your boss’ eyes.