Want To Hear The New Yeasayer? Hope You Like Scavenger Hunts

Posted August 1

Straightforward album stream? Pffft, would you really expect such mundanity from poppy weirdos, Yeasayer? The band is teasing its upcoming album, Fragrant World (scheduled to drop August 21), today and it’s doing so via a massive online scavenger hunt.

Today, the band posted the following cryptic letter to its website, laying out its plan for “PSCYVOTV,” or “Preemptive Self-Commissioned Yeasayer Vortellung or Track Visualizer” — which is basically a plan for purposely leaking tunes to the Web via videos. The band tapped artist Yoshi Sodeoka to create trippy videos for each track on the album, and then hid said videos across the Web. Fans have until Friday at 8 p.m. EST to hear all the tunes before they’re removed.

You can check out the first video for single “Henrietta” — a tune about Henrietta Lacks, who after death became a source for an immortal cell line used in research — below. That single was also sent out in CD form to 200 fans the other month to get them excited about the R&B-tinged album, which marks a distinct change in sound from the band’s previous two discs.

“[R&B is] one of many influences and styles of music that we all grew up listening to and we all appreciate and really vibe on in different ways,” bassist Ira Wolf Tuton recently told MTV Hive. “In terms of creating a new and fresh aesthetic, there’s so many valuable sources to pull from, and we hadn’t really explored that vein yet. Our third album was more of a chance to go in that direction — it was obviously something we hadn’t really pushed toward to the first two records. So that was something intentional.”

The band and their label, Secretly Canadian, will be posting clues to the whereabouts of the rest of the songs throughout the day via Twitter, but fans appear to already be turning up tracks, posting links to Facebook. We expect the jams to be located far in advance of the Friday deadline, giving fans ample time to listen.

The album release scavenger hunt is becoming a major trend among musicians hoping to make a bigger impact when dropping a new disc. Delicate Steve recently launched a localized hunt in New York City for his new album, Positive Force, as did Noah Wall for HÈLOÏSE. Bands like Manchester Orchestra and KISS took the online route, hiding pieces of tunes and album art on various and sundry websites.

Are you patient enough to hunt the Web — or the city — for your favorite tunes?

Image courtesy of Anna Palma