Bands: Time To Update Your Twitter Profile (Again)

Posted September 18

Oh, bands, we feel your pain — you have so many profiles out there on the old Interwebs to update and tweak and it seems like every day at least one of your myriad social networks is changing everything up again. We know you’ve probably just recovered from that whole Facebook Timeline debacle, but we’re obligated to inform you that it’s time to update yet another one of your profiles: Twitter.

This morning, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo hit up NBC’s Today Tuesday to make a passel of announcements about the microblogging service: 1). The release of a fancy, completely updated iPad app (featuring full-screen photos, article summaries, the ability to watch videos within tweets, etc), 2). Completely redesigned profile pages. Number two, we’re guessing, is much more pertinent to your interests, since you’re going to have to completely rethink that carefully designed Twitter profile page now.

The biggest addition to the new profile page is undoubtedly the huge header image that now adorns the top of the page, similar to Facebook’s Timeline layout. Take a look at the top of the page where I have embedded my new profile. I now have the ability to display three photos on my page: my profile picture, my background image and my avatar. That’s three chances to show off my personality with grainy, Instagram-spun snaps (since I don’t have a real camera).

Believe me, when I first heard about this change, I was a little peeved, as it will require me to augment three different Twitter accounts (my own, my personal blog’s and the OMA’s), so I understand the frustration many a band will feel when tasked with expressing yet another facet of its personality. (Isn’t the music enough anymore?) But, hey, think of it this way: You now have more real estate to let fans know about cool stuff like upcoming tours and albums — or to upload your brand-new band photo.

Although not everyone will be shunted over to the new profiles today, soon this new design will roll out across Web and mobile for all, and you’ll just have to suck it up and conform — or suffer the mundanity of a profile riddled with default grey squares. Here’s how to get a jump on plebs:

1). On the Web, choose “Edit Profile” by clicking the gear icon at the top of the page

2). Click on “Design” on the left-hand side of the page and scroll down to “Header”

3). Upload an image (Minimum dimensions of 1252×626)

4). Adjust the size and placement at will

5). Viola! Your profile is transformed