Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino Music Supervised “Awkward” & Plans To Tweet All About It

Posted September 13

MTV’s popular teen sitcom about unpopular teens, Awkward, returns tonight with a very special twist — guest music supervisor Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast. Cosentino plans to live tweet about the bands she chose to score the show when it airs tonight at 10:30 p.m. EST, and since she was once nominated for an O Music Award for “Most Outrageous Tweet,” we had to check in with the swoony-voiced singer to see what tweets and tunes she has up her sleeve. Check out our Q&A after the jump.

Tell us a little bit about the process of music supervising. How did you choose the tunes that would match the moments?

It was so much fun — kind of like making a really epic mixtape for someone. I went to the set of Awkward and met the cast and crew and it really helped me get a good understanding for what kind of music they like on the show — not to mention, I watch the show, so I knew what would work well for it. I read the script and watched an edit of the episode a bunch, and I just thought about bands I knew that would work well in specific scenes.

So you’re a fan of the show? I know you’ve had a few songs on there before.

I LOVE Awkward. I think it’s one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s really smart and funny and I think the characters are amazing. Sadie is my favorite bully on TV since, like, forever.

What do you think of the phenomenon of indie bands being featured on TV shows? Do you think it helps spread awareness of up-and-coming musicians? How do you think shows can better highlight their soundtrack artists?

I think it’s awesome that TV shows are including indie music on their soundtracks. When you hear a song on a TV show that you don’t really know, you’re kind of almost always like, ‘Oh what is this?’ So you go and try to figure out what it is and almost always it’s by some small indie band you’ve never heard of. I think that’s really cool.

MTV does this awesome thing called Soundtrack where they play a little clip at the bottom of the screen during their shows, letting you know what you’re currently listening to. One of the bands I chose for the show is called Blouse, and I actually heard them for the first time on an MTV show and learned about them from the Soundtrack clip, so I think a lot of shows could do something cool like that to show what kind of music they’re featuring.

You’re live tweeting the show — will you take questions? What do you except will happen tonight?

I’m mostly going to talk about the songs I picked, and the bands themselves — to try and get the word out on some smaller bands I really, really like. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up taking questions; I haven’t really planned it out yet. I’m excited though, I’ve never really live-tweeted anything real before — except one for a disaster date I witnessed in NYC.

Speaking of that, you were nominated for ‘Most Outrageous Tweet’ in the O Music Awards for that live tweeting experiment. Have you beat your nominated tweet in outrageousness? Do you think you’ll do so tonight?

Haha, I don’t know… I’ve tweeted some pretty outrageous stuff before! Maybe tonight holds that crazy tweet everyone has been waiting for — you’ll just have to log on and check it out to see!

What other shows would you like to music supervise?

Most of my favorite TV shows aren’t on air anymore, but it would have been awesome to music supervise The Sopranos or The O.C., which were two shows I loved and thought had awesome music choices all the time.

What show has the best music — of all time?

The O.C. had really great music, and I love the soundtrack to Friday Night Lights — they always had really awesome stuff on there, and the original score by Explosions in the Sky was so beautiful. I think my favorite song ever from a TV show is the Seinfeld theme song. It’s so ridiculous; I’m like, ‘How did anyone even come up with that?!’