Check Out A Passel Of New Tracks From Prince Rama’s “Top Ten Hits of the End of the World”

Posted September 4

The other week, sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson — a.k.a. Prince Rama — helped us say bye-bye to the dog days at our Unboxed/DUMBO Summer Friday event. During their theatrical performance, the duo busted out a ton of new songs from their upcoming album, Ten Hits of the End of the World, a poppy effort that comprises tunes by fictional bands who died and released hits during the world’s many apocalypses. Missed the show? Well, we have every single song right here on video, culled from the 7-hour livestream we hosted on the day of the event.

Ten Hits of the End of the World is primed to drop in November, but that doesn’t mean Prince Rama is slacking until Thanksgiving. The girls recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their very own “Now-Age Psych Opera” called Prince Rama and the Scorpion Tornado, which will include songs from the album.

They also just launched a crowdsourcing campaign to gather footage for the music video for the album’s first single, “So Destroyed,” asking fans to send in videos of their best dance moves. The best videos will be featured in the video, and the band’s favorite stepper will score “Prince Rama dance shoes” (whatever that means), a signed album and the chance to perform the dance on stage with the band.

Study up on some moves below, because as it happens, we have video of the Rama girls performing that very song.

Blade of Austerity

We Will Fall In Love Again


Rest In Peace

So Destroyed

Those Who Live For Love Will Live Forever

Welcome To The Now Age

Image courtesy of Brendan Tobin