Don’t Just Make Unconventional Music, Make Unconventional Instruments, Too

Posted September 13

Today, we have to give props to our friends over at MTV Canada for a pretty rad little contest called “Made of Imagination” that they’re running with Booooooom and Sony Xperia, the aim of which is creating a totally new, completely weird, and entirely awesome instrument.

MTV Canada is asking participants to be creative — Stomp is already a thing, guys, expand your mind — when making your new music-maker. You can check out some submissions on the Made of Imagination site to see what we mean — typewriters sprouting guitar necks, floppy disk-spun jams, etc. Folks can then take a snap and send it along or (and this is optional) take a video of themselves performing a song on the instrument. The contest ends on September 28, at which time a winner (who will score cash and an Xperia Ion phone) will be chosen.

If you’re not musically inclined — or any good at building things — the site is still worth a look, as it’s a trove of insane and interesting instruments. MTV also launches a video every two weeks featuring an artist playing a song on a instrument of their own making. We have this week’s video below, featuring Little Scream.

We can think of a ton of bands off the tops of our heads who could get in on this action (GANGI, Neon Indian, Fol Chen to name a few). Do you have what it takes to make music in an entirely new way?