Don’t Just Use Wikipedia To Write Papers — Listen To Music, Too

Posted September 28

Wikipedia — it’s the de facto source for many a high school student’s history paper as well as a major no-no in the world of journalistic sources. Whether you trust its contents or not, however, it is a pretty decent repository for… well, everything in the world — including music. Hence the genius of a little hack called SpotiPedia, which was built on top of the online encyclopedia’s trove of info and thusly allows you to listen to any band your little heart desires.

Content partners brought our attention to the Chrome plugin SpotiPedia today, but the Spotify/Wikipedia mashup was created during TechCrunch Disrupt Music Hackday in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago.

So how does it work? Basically, after installing the plugin, you can visit any band’s Wikipedia page and listen to tunes from that band — within that page, via Spotify. As points out, the plugin doesn’t work so well for bands with general names, however, or bands lacking Wikipedia pages.

Still, it’s a pretty neat little tool for folks looking to get more info on/check out a band.