Find Music To Match Your (Music Snob) Mood Today

Posted September 28

Finding tunes to fit your mood can be kind of dicey when you’re an insufferable music snob trying to navigate one of those music/mood apps (definitely including myself here). Yeah, I’m happy, but does that mean I want to listen to “Walking On Sunshine”? Not unless I want my mood to suddenly flip to “suicidal.” That’s why folks like me would be better off going indie with their apps — for example, the newly revamped Stereomood.

Like many apps of its ilk, Stereomood seeks to help you find tunes to match your current emotional state. However, unlike most mood apps, Stereomood exclusively features indie music, scraped from a selection of fine blogs. An indicator of its indie-ness: When I fired up the “Slacker” station, I was treated to a jam from one of my new favorite bands, The Pharmacy. Much more original than, say, some Green Day tune, right?

The whole site — and accompanying iOS and Android apps — is designed for music lovers, in fact. The homepage includes a ton of featured blogs (the source of the tunes) that you can check out, and when you click on an artist’s name, you’ll get a full bio and tour dates courtesy of Songkick.

When searching for a playlist, you can either search by your own mood, choose a random mood or plug into a popular mood (when I tested the app “It’s raining” was hot), and you can help create even more lists by tagging songs with brand-new moods.

Once you’ve chosen a playlist, there’s even more room for interaction as well: share a jam to any and all social networks, favorite it, add it to your own custom playlist or buy it and add it to your permanent collection. Each user also has a de facto profile when s/he signs in (via Facebook or Twitter), and you can surf through other users’ mixes as well.

So, how are you feeling today?