Music & Tech Around The Web: Spotify Payment Breakdown, Cassette Converters & More

Posted September 5

Your week is half over. Trot out the half of your brain that’s still twitching and read up.

* This clears it up… Somewhat: How Does Spotify Pay Artists? Interview with Spotify’s D.A. Wallach

* A new track from their crowdfunded album: New Music: Ben Folds Five – “Erase Me”

* Read up and weigh in: Where Has The Music Loving Feeling Gone?

* Gear for analogue turncoats: Cassette To iPod Converter

* Listen to Spotify all over town — or your apartment, rather: Spotify collaborates with Marantz and Denon to give you more ways to stream music around your home

* Old trend, meet new trend: Chatroulette Does It Gangnam Style [VIDEO]