Never Miss A New Album Again With This New App

Posted September 25

Not everyone is a music blogger — shackled to a constant RSS feed of album reviews, inbox overflowing with new discs from “The Next George Michael — With Just A Dash Of ICP.” Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the majority of people are unwittingly letting album release dates pass them by. Enter: Beathound, a handy little tool that scans your iTunes library and lets you know what you’re missing — today and in the future.

Beathound is the brainchild of Canadian Web developer Luke Hutscal, an employee of who created the little music tool during his spare time. Granify graciously gave Hutscal the week off to launch Beathound, a nugget of info that he supplied to us himself via a handy little chat tool on the site that folks can use if they have questions about the product. Talk about customer service.

So how does Beathound work? It’s pretty straightforward: Hit up the website and upload your iTunes XML file (if you don’t know where that is, hit “Trouble finding your library?” to get a walkthrough) and plug in your email. The site will then scan your library — which will take a while — and send you an email featuring new releases and albums (that you don’t already own) by bands in your collection. Every week following, you’ll get an email featuring any and all new releases from said bands.

In the future, Hutscal says, emails will also include similar bands that you might like based on your current taste.

Since Beathound is getting a ton of press today, it’s having a few technical difficulties, but we can say that we tried it out and it works just fine. Granted, there are more sophisticated tools for filling in gaps in your music library — for Spotify is great for finding new releases from bands you love and bands you may love in the future — but for those of you who are iTunes fiends, Beathound should prove to be quite useful.