Reebok & Spotify Aim To Make Your Workout Less Painful — Musically

Posted September 20

Unless you’re one of those crazy, sweat-loving masochists, working out is basically just another form of torture — especially if your butt-burning, soul-killing romp on the elliptical is accompanied by whatever hell channel the gym radio is set to. Well, Reebok has teamed up with Spotify and the Echo Nest to create an app that takes some of the pain out of working out. Not the butt-burning pain, sadly — that’s still present and accounted for.

Reebok Fitlist is a new app within Spotify’s desktop platform that allows users to create and find myriad playlists with which to work out, and it’s pretty easy to use.

When you first open the app (you have to register to get the full experience) you’ll be greeted with a handy tool for making a “FitList”: 1). Choose your activity (running, walking, yoga, etc), 2). Choose your intensity, 3). Determine your duration, 4). Put in some sample artists, and the app will create a customized mix for you. FitList uses music intelligence platform The Echo Nest to do the heavy lifting when it comes to curation. Lists usually start off and end with slower songs, in accordance with your workout warmups and cooldowns.

If you like your FitList, you can save it as a playlist on Spotify for mobile listening (if you have Spotify premium) or toggle over to Community FitLists and share your masterpiece there. Other users can subscribe to your playlists and visa versa. You can also find jams to suffer to by hitting up “Songs By Activity,” a crowd-sourced, constantly changing list that includes top-voted songs as selected by users. You can also submit new songs if you don’t see your favorite yoga/running/dancing tune in attendance.

The app also has some curated playlists from the likes of Eli Manning and Jordin Sparks, which are fine if you’re into Dave Matthews and the like. In our own tests, we found the custom playlists much more to our liking than the celebrity-farmed ones.

What’s your favorite workout jam?