Start Your Weekend Early With This Interactive Music Video From Death Grips

Posted September 14

Already anticipating a wild Friday night and having trouble making it through the day? Well, we’ve got an interactive music video for you — crafted by MTV and featuring the jam “I’ve Seen Footage” by Death Grips — that should put you in the right mindframe for the weekend ahead.

“Gif Me More: Party” is a spin on the ever-popular “Choose Your Own Adventure” music video (see: Chairlift’s “Met Before”), plunking you down in the middle of a massive pool party in which each attendee has a singular mission. Living GIFs — hence the title — they ride BMX bikes into the pool, wave a checkered flag, play ping pong, make out, and look up the skirts of pretty girls (one of the characters is a dog) and by clicking on any person, you can see the world from their POV.

The whole video functions on a continuous loop — there’s no end — and viewers are tasked with occupying five bodies in order to score a Death Grips EP for free. We’re warning you now, if you play around the boozy pool for too long, you might end up feeling kind of dizzy. So if you plan on having that aforementioned wild Friday night, you might want to pace yourself.

Full credits below:

Music: Death Grips
Film production: WeAreFromLA (Iconoclast)
Digital production: Les 84