Web-Born Artist The Weeknd To Re-Release Mixtape Trio Via Major Label

Posted September 11

You know how the velvet-voiced, self-made gothic R&B sensation The Weeknd has been tweeting/facebooking incessantly all year about THE TRILOGY, his impressive trio of 2011 mixtapes that he’s been promising to remaster and re-release at some point in 2012?

Hang on to your hats, kids, because he’s not doing it on his own. In a just-issued press release, The Weeknd and his XO crew announced that they’ve partnered with Republic Records, a subsidary of Universal Music Group, and that Republic will be releasing THE TRILOGY (all caps are necessary because, come on, it’s THE TRILOGY) “in-stores and online” on November 13th.

What that exactly means, we’re not sure. What does a big-time record label mean for the twisted tales we’ve come to expect from The Weeknd, who catapulted to fame by providing his product direct-to-consumer, uncut with no middleman? His sound, his art and his aesthetic have all contributed to a very unique vision and an easily recognizable branding, and there aren’t many artists who could embark on a sold-out North American tour without a headliner, and with each set beginning at 7 p.m The Weeknd’s done this entirely on his own, so who’s to say what’s to come?

And, regarding the long-discussed reissue of THE TRILOGY: Who knows what we should expect? New remixes? Added guest spots from Drake’s OVO gang? Scratch-and-sniff balloons? Who knows? Only one thing’s certain…





Image courtesy of Flickr, thecomeupshow