Book A Band To Play Your House Party Via Facebook

Posted October 10

The other day I was chatting with a music industry friend on the old Book of Faces about artists today and how they’re poor and have no money and whether they’re more poor and have less money than artists 30 years ago. I pointed out that, thanks to the Web, artists who would normally languish in obscurity in cornfields and whatnot have access to new fans and therefore more forms of revenue than they would have 30 years ago. He said that those same bands used to play weddings, proms and parties, jobs now relegated and lost to DJs. We reached an impasse. Today, however, there’s a new app on the scene that could remedy — at least — that “no house gigs for bands” problem my friend brought up: Get Booked.

Get Booked is a new Facebook app from Hear It Local, an online booking platform for indie music, and its main purpose is this: It helps bands find house shows to play for cash, and helps fans find bands to book for their special events.

“The Direct to Fan business model has already made it possible for musicians to cut out the middle man and reach their fans directly to market their band, sell their music and merchandise, and even fund their next project,” says Hear It Local CEO, Matt Lombardi in a release. “But until now, touring and live shows have been left out of the Direct to Fan evolution.” We’re not sure about the validity of the last part of that statement — Songkick recently helped fans bring Tyco to London, Kickstarter for concerts QUEREMOS exists, etc — but we’re down with this new revenue stream all the same.

Get Booked is pretty easy to use — visit the homepage, click “install” and from there you can add the app to any and all of your bands’ Facebook pages. From there, you can add your social profiles, as well as your monetary requirements for gigs, questions for bookers and more info about what shows you’re willing to play. You can also choose to activate text message alerts for when someone wants to book you.

After filling in the above info, you will be entered into the Hear It Local database for future booking — and you’ll have a handy Get Booked button on your Facebook Page reading “Book A House Concert.” When your fans click, they’ll be able to make you an offer for an upcoming show (either by ponying up the cash themselves or crowdsourcing) and you’ll get 48 hours to take the gig or pass it up. Get Booked acts as the intermediary between fan and band, and makes its bones off of a 7.5% revenue share on bookings.

Bands: Would you use this app to book a show? Fans: Would you book a band thusly for your next bash?