Free Playlisting Tool Lets You Source YouTube, SoundCloud & More For Tunes

Posted October 26

Looking for a good, ad-free way to make a kick-ass Halloween playlist for this weekend? Frustrated because some of your favorite tracks live on SoundCloud, while others are kicking around on YouTube? Well, you might want to hit up free playlist creator, MusicPlayr.

MusicPlayr, which just came out of closed beta this week (after scoring a $625,000 seed investment from Lars Langusch of Holzbrink Ventures), is a pretty simple service: it allows you to create free, continuous streaming playlists using links from YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion and music blogs.

So, basically, you can add that new track by The Weeknd (which was uploaded by the musician to YouTube), a new jam from your favorite music blog, as well as a bunch of SoundCloud-only exclusives to one, playable online mixtape. It’s a much slicker, less bootlegg-y experience than creating one of those janky YouTube playlists. You can also adjust a song/video’s AV quality.

MusicPlayr isn’t just an easy playlisting tool, it’s also meant to be social. Upon signing up with Facebook or your email, you’ll be outfitted with a customizable profile (which you can share via social networks), as well the ability to follow friends via Facebook or Twitter. The homepage features a playable stream of the music friends are listening to, tags that you can follow, and other activity (such as who followed you, etc). Naturally, you can also “Like,” share and comment on the playlists of others.

What’s on your playlist for the weekend ahead?