Infinite Gangam Style Hack Is The Song That Never Ends — Literally

Posted October 31

It’s about as inevitable as getting the chicken pox — no matter how hard you try to avoid it, at some point you will fall prey to K-Pop sensation Psy’s insanely catchy jam, “Gangam Style.” For those who have thus far avoided it (IE, the under-the-rock dwellers), we suggest making this little hack your first introduction to the phenomenon: Infinite Gangam Style.

Infinite Gangam Style is the handiwork of O Music Award winner Paul Lamere (Best Music Hack) and it allows anyone and everyone to essentially “play” the song — or to listen to an ever-changing, infinite version of it. Lamere explains the hack on his blog:

The app works by taking the audio and analyzing it with The Echo Nest analyzer to break it up into its individual beats. Next, an analysis pass is run on all the beats finding each beat’s nearest similar sounding neighbors that fall within a similarity threshold. Then, the song is played beat-by-beat – but with the added twist that any time we play a particular beat there’s a chance that we will transition instead to one of the beat’s similar sounding neighbors. For a pop song like Gangnam Style there’s lots of repetition so there’s plenty of good transition points. The result is that we can loop through the song forever with the song always morphing.

This isn’t the first “playable” hack that Lamere has created. The hacker — along with his daughter Jennie — is also the brains behind Bohemian Rhapsichord, a hack that breaks the Queen hit into its components, allowing you to play at will.

CHALLENGE for all you musicians out there: Use both hacks to create an epic mashup. Attempt not to go insane.