New App Helps You Weed Out Friends With Bad Musical Taste

Posted October 11

If you judge people solely based on their musical tastes — hey, a good show buddy is hard to come by — have we got an app for you. It’s called Tune Match, and it will show you whether a body is down with the clown — or whatever it is you listen to — in seconds flat.

Tune Match (which is available for iOS) works thusly: Once you download the app, it will scan your iTunes library to determine your musical personality. When the app has done so, you can tap “Make a Match” on the homescreen to find someone near you (who also has the app) to compare tunes with. The app will then award you a compatibility score, and you can check out that person’s library.

Sadly, the app has a few flaws as of now. Since it JUST launched, you won’t be able to find many people to compare music with — by default, you can match your tunes against one of the developers. (You can email friends to join the app if you want to fill the void as well.) Also, when exploring another person’s tunes, you can’t listen to them in-app — iTunes will open instead. Perhaps Spotify or another subscription service would have been a wiser API choice in this case.

Despite Tune Match’s flaws, we’re down with any app that makes it easy to praise or condemn people based on their musical taste. Now get downloading so that we can judge you, too!