O Music Awards Bands Prince Rama, Javelin, Reggie Watts & More Electrocute David Blaine

Posted October 8

Famous stuntman David Blaine has had a pretty shocking weekend — not of the strippers-booze-cocaine-and-body-in-a-trunk variety, but rather in the literal sense. Yup, Blaine has gone on a bender, one that involves no food, no sleep and a 1,000,000 volt cocoon of electricity streaming from seven Tesla coils.

For three days — today is the last — Blaine has been standing in a 44-foot diameter globe on Pier 54 in New York, encased in a great big mass of electricity, a stunt hosted by the Ultrabook Experience. Over the course of last weekend and today, the volts crackling around Blaine were generated around the world via Ultrabook devices in stations in New York, London, Beijing, Sydney, and Tokyo, along with the use of the #Electrified hashtag on Twitter. A variety of bands also generated shocks via musical instruments during performances at Pier 54, including O Music Awards bands like Prince Rama, Javelin, HEALTH and Reggie Watts, who plays today at 3pm.

If you can’t make it to the city for the event, the whole thing is also streaming live on YouTube. Warning: Blaine is making some hella creepy faces. Granted, we would be too if we’d been standing for three days straight.

Photo credit: Mike Belleme