Social Listening App Soundrop Gets A Makeover

Posted October 25

Looks like O Music Award-nominated Spotify app Soundrop (Most addictive Social Music Service) has received a bit of a makeover.

Soundrop is a kind of for grownups, a series of social listening rooms within Spotify that allow friends and strangers alike to act as DJs. As with Turntable, you can chat with other users, as well as upvote tracks that you want to hear. Unlike in Turntable, you don’t earn super cool gorilla avatars for having good taste — your track is just played sooner based on how many votes it receives.

The app was one of the first to launch when Spotify unveiled its new app platform last November, with a mobile version arriving in March.

Today, it seems, the service has got a bit of an overhaul, including:

* A new “lobby” that details recommended and trending rooms, with an option to see all rooms.

* The ability to favorite rooms for later visits (just click the arrow at the bottom of the page to open a “drawer” containing your favorite rooms).

* Rooms have also been physically redesigned.

* You can now see top fans and tracks in a room.

* The ability to hide the chat feature away if you so desire.

* Now, by clicking the “person” icon at the bottom of the page, you can see what your Facebook friends are up to on the service.

The downside to this update is that the mobile apps have been removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play until those versions are overhauled as well. Bummer for anyone who likes to take their social music listening on-the-go. Spotify users: Just restart the music subscription service to update Soundrop.