Spotify Tells Us What New Yorkers Are Listening To While They’re Ignoring Each Other On The Subway

Posted October 2

Although New York is, in essence, one city, those who dwell there often define themselves by which borough they live in — hence the whole joke that a Brooklynite dating a Manhattanite is a long-distance relationship. Well, today Spotify is out with even more fodder for this rampant boroughism: Some handy stats that show how those five boroughs differ — musically.

Spotify drew its own conclusions about the below data — not all of which we agree with (liking The Lumineers is not ahead of the curve; “Ho Hey” was in a commercial for Bing this summer) — which you can read about on its blog.

Overall, however, it’s an interesting breakdown of what people in the Big Apple are listening to. A Spotify rep tells us that the service aims to do similar reports on other cities, which makes us wonder: Does Spotify want to follow in Pandora’s (planned) footsteps and concoct a touring tool for artists? A tool that will show them where their songs are played the most? What do you think?

Image courtesy of Flickr, joiseyshowaa