This Simple Hack Lets You Be The Most Annoying Dude at The Show

Posted October 30

While we’re all for technology that enhances the concert-watching experience, sometimes those amateur videographers — iPhones held aloft — can really be buzzkills when it comes to live shows. Yeah, man, we know you want to relive this rad experience over and over again in the days to come, but right NOW your massive hand is right in front of my face. Allow us to introduce the ultimate in showgoer-shaming technology: OMGig.

According to, this little hack comes to us straight from the chilly climes of Music Hack Day Reykjavik, which took place last weekend. The conceit is pretty simple: nab the “” URL and sub that in for the “” section of any video URL. And, BLAMO, you’re instantly in the oh-so annoying shoes of a mobile photographer. The app even depicts the action in the background of the phone — blurred as it is when you’re focusing on a teeny, tiny screen instead of the live band before you.

You can even share the experience via Twitter. Passive aggressive fun for everyone!

Image courtesy of Flickr, schizoform