Titus Andronicus Wants You To Support Local Business — Via Twitter

Posted October 26

O Music Award-nominated rockers Titus Andronicus (Must Follow Artist On Twitter) have launched a very DIY Twitter campaign on their website to herald the recent release of their third album, Local Business, as well as their upcoming U.S. tour. Like many bands before them, they’ll be crowdsourcing fans at tour stops around the country, asking what restaurants, shops, etc they should hit up while they’re in town — with a slight twist. They’re only interested in the real local deal, not the chains.

Lead singer Patrick Stickles has called the band’s new album a more stripped-down affair than Titus’ massively popular second effort, The Moniter, an epic thumper that evokes the American Civil War. It’s right there in the title choice, really, Local Business — a stark contrast to naming your album after a massive warship.

That scaled-down feel is definitely apparent in the single “In The Big City,” an intimate track detailing, it seems, Stickles’ move from New Jersey to New York and all the turmoil that semi-success and city life entails. Underlying all that, however, is a call to remember where you came from. You can check out the video for that single, which premiered today, up yonder.

In an effort to capture Titus’ boot strappy demeanor, the band has launched a Twitter campaign and website that honors indie, local businesses (see what they did there?). From the band’s blog:

Lots of people have been asking me about why our new record is called “Local Business.” There are many reasons, but first among them is the most obvious – that Titus Andronicus likes to support local business. It is easy enough at home, where all of our favorite local businesses are well known and easily accessible, but out here on the road, it can be hard, and we are often forced to succumb to the corporate ogre to get necessities like, say, food. By now, you are wondering how you can help. Well, we are prepared to make it easy.

During their upcoming tour, the band is asking people who reside in tour cities to tweet about their favorite local joints using the hashtag #LOCALBUSINESSFOREVER. That way, fans and band alike can check out those mom & pop spots. They’ve also thrown up a dedicated site featuring a Google Map highlighting an array of indie record shops, offering up records and tickets to fans to make the effort to swing by on specific days. The band also promises to tweet back at fans, pumping them for more vital info about local DIY hotspots.

About a year ago, we hit up Stickles to talk about Twitter. The band had just joined the service, and Stickles was already loudly and proudly voicing his opinions right out the gate (to the chagrin of Kurt Vile, who he bashed on the service). At the time, he explained his rationale for joining the microblogging service, and it still seems like it rings true today: To connect with his fans in an authentic way. Check it out:

Social media was an autonomous choice that I made. But as far as keeping it real goes, it’s all just about empowering the kids. So, hopefully, they come to the Titus Andronicus concert, they see us on stage and they’re like, ‘That’s the sh*t. That rocks.’ But, hopefully they’ll find some other ways — either we’re talking about real sh*t in the lyrics and we get on Twitter and talk about real sh*t, or we’re at the merch table after the show, selling T-shirts and having real talk with the kids then — and hopefully when all that happens the kids see us and say, ‘Hey, that was cool. That concert kicked ass, and now we see that these guys are just regular old folks like us. Let’s think about what kind of sh*t we can do now.’

What do you think of Titus Andronicus’ Twitter campaign?