Bandcamp Goes Social With New Fan Accounts

Posted November 26

Way back in the days when MySpace was crumbling into the sea (before Justin Timberlake swooped in and helped give it a facelift), the music/tech world was all about speculating about who would take the social network’s crown. Music ecommerce platform Bandcamp had its supporters in that respect, but the service never seemed social enough — consumer-facing enough — to really catch on as a place for the Average Dude to surf around and find tunes. That could all be changing soon, however, as Bandcamp is primed to launch fan accounts, allowing non-music makers to surf the site at will.

Fan accounts are still in private beta, so we’re not yet able to do a deep-dive on their attributes, but we can tell you this:

1). Users will get a page where they can show off music that they’ve purchased on Bandcamp.

2). You can follow bands to get the latest updates.

3). When you follow a band on the site, your image will appear on their page (ala Facebook).

4). You can also follow other fans and check out their collections.

5). You can create a wishlist of tracks you want to buy.

6). You can share other people’s pages.

Music platform SoundCloud made a similar move back in May when it unveiled “The Next SoundCloud,” a still-in-beta project that renders it a much more social service. When The Next SoundCloud goes live, it will include features like new profile pages, continuous play, playlisting abilities and notifications.