Bands Instagram At The Polls [GALLERY]

Posted November 6

Election Day is here, and to celebrate the splendor that is pitching in to elect their candidate of choice, a lot of musicians are capturing the moment using photosharing app, Instagram.

In recent days, sources were saying that Hurricane Sandy was likely the most-Instagrammed event ever (boasting 800,000 snaps tagged with her name). Well, we’re thinking the 2012 Presidential Election is primed to give the super storm a run for its proverbial money.

Our feeds are already flooded with folks flocking to the polls, including some heavy hitters in the music scene. We’ll be compiling pics all day of musicians pulling the lever. Get at us if we’ve let any slip through our scrolling fingers. Now that Instagram has begun rolling out Web-based profiles, it should be super simple to share said snaps with us.

NOTE: Check the state laws in your area before taking a pic at the polls. Some prohibit snapping your ballot, others taking captures of your polling place. Read up here for more info.