David Guetta Fans Get Their Own Social Listening Room Via Soundrop

Posted November 28

Turntable.fm for grownups, Soundrop, made an announcement today that should be interesting to any band with a strong fan following: The Spotify app is opening up its SDK (Software Development Kit) to all users, allowing them to build apps on the Soundrop platform. The first app out of the gate? a David Guetta-themed service called “Play Guetta.”

For those not familiar, Soundrop is a social music service that lives within Spotify’s apps platform in which fans can join rooms and listen to tunes, voting up which jams they want to hear next and chatting with other users. Users can also make their own rooms. Last month, the service got a bit of a makeover, which included the ability to favorite rooms, for example.

EDM musician David Guetta’s app, in essence, peels away all other rooms and boils the service down to one single fan experience: In short, you fire it up and listen to Guetta’s music with other fans, voting up which Guetta tunes you want to hear. No need to favorite that Guetta room for future reference — because that’s all there is.

It’s not the most creative use of Soundrop’s EDK, but it’s certainly a start. According to TechCrunch, Soundrop co-founder and CEO Inge Sandvik aims to make Soundrop its own social music platform, independent of Spotify, so we’ll see what this new move will bring in terms of innovation.