Get Nostalgic With Spotify- & Rdio-Spun Mixtape App

Posted November 29

Some day very soon, the word “mixtape” will lose all of its original meaning: IE, a physical cassette tape onto which a friend or lover has laboriously copied an array on meaningful songs. With the advent of CDs, the moniker was erroneously applied to the much-less-laborious compact disc mix; once digital music came along, it came to be applied to iTunes playlists; and now, thanks to apps aplenty, the word has found new life in the social media sphere. The newest iteration on an old idea? iOS app, Mixtape.

Mixtape is a playlisting app for Spotify and Rdio that allows users to easily create and share digital “mixtapes” with friends. Upon firing up the app, you’ll be asked to log in via Facebook, email or Twitter — we recommend connecting your account to both Facebook or Twitter for the full effect. You’ll also need to connect to either Spotify, Rdio or both. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to both surf through a selection if mixtapes and make your own.

When you tap “Create,” you can make your mix by either searching for tunes, sorting through genres, or letting the app make a mix from your Facebook Likes or top tracks. Once you’ve got the tunes down, you can add a title, a cover image (from your phone’s camera) and edit at will (mixes even have the ever archaic “side a” and “b”). Then it’s up to you what to do with the final product: Add a caption and share it with a Facebook friend, or share it with the world on Facebook and Twitter. You can also text and email the playlist. If a friend also has Spotify or Rdio, they’ll be able to listen to the whole playlist. If not, they can listen to samples. Any playlist you make will be automatically added to your Spotify or Rdio library as well, for safe keeping.

The app isn’t just a playlisting tool, though, it’s also a kind of social network. You can follow other users and like, comment on, and share their playlists.

As we said, this isn’t the only mixtape-themed app out there, but it is a pretty slick way to send a mixtape to a friend or significant other — even though we’ll always prefer the laboriously crafted variety over all the rest.

Image courtesy of Flickr, jaqian