Gyrate For Your Discounts This Cyber Monday

Posted November 26

Every year it’s the same old song and dance: Stores announce HUGE, DOOR-BUSTING SALES on Black Friday, and a goodly portion of the public rolls its eyes and starts ranting about consumerism and derelict American values. Add to that orgy of buy-buy-buy the now booming specter of Cyber Monday (sitting on your ass while you consume!), and you have a perfect storm of mock-ability. Unless, of course, you make those monkeys dance for those discounted goodies, ala Rickshaw Bagworks.

Today, the messenger bag manufacturer is offering up some fancy deals, but in order for people to partake in said deals, they must embarrass themselves in front of the entire Internet — yes, they must render themselves sweaty and red-faced whilst gyrating and pirouetting and film the aforementioned sad, sad show for all the Web to see.

This is the deal, according to App Advice: Film yourself shaking your ass and upload it to the company’s Facebook and/or tweet at @rickshawbags in order to get a discount code. The more people you can harang into dancing in your video, the bigger the discount will be: dance on your own (ala Robyn) and get 20% off, snag a friend to dance with you and get 30% off, manage to acquire three or more friends and knock 40% off the price.

If one of your more surly friends starts gabbing about capitalism and greed, just show him/her your vid — they’ll feel so sorry for you that they’ll promptly shut up.

Image courtesy of Flickr, schizoform