Kickstarter Of The Week: of Montreal Wants To Make A Documentary

Posted November 16

It’s every band’s megalomaniacal dream: Achieve enough fame and glory that someone goes and creates a documentary about you. Well, in this Internet age, bands don’t have to wait for some director with pockets full of cash to come around and call them his/her muse — they can crowdfund their own histories. of Montreal is one band doing just that, raising cash on Kickstarter to finish their feature-length documentary, Song Dynasties.

of Montreal began work on the aforementioned documentary in 2007, after the release of Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? With help from director Craig Zobel and filmmaker Jason Miller, the band started filming moments both onstage and off, adding to that vintage footage from when the band first started. In essence, they have what amounts to a pretty comprehensive history of the band.

Now, it seems, they need an extra influx of money to film some final scenes, as well as cover editing and everything that goes into creating a finished cinematic product. They’re looking to score $75,000, and it looks like they’re well on their way to that goal — the deadline to reach it is December 12.

Folks that contribute to the campaign can garner rewards such as a WAV download of any of Montreal record, limited edition colored vinyl, a chance to meet the band, an opportunity to go on stage and more.

Would you kick in cash to see an of Montreal doc? If they meet their goal, the film should be completed this Spring.

Image courtesy of Flickr, prusakolep