King Tuff Drops A 3D Music Video — Are Holograms & Cats On The Horizon?

Posted November 16

Another day, another trippy, rad interactive music video — this time courtesy of garage pop rocker King Tuff. Yup, Tuff went 3D for his extremely dancey single, “Keep On Movin’,” off of his self-titled sophomore record. When we hit up Tuff (a.k.a. Kyle Thomas), we expected to chat a bit about 3D and call it a day, but the musician actually ended up coming up with some pretty amazing interactive music video ideas. Check them out after the jump.

So, your new video is basically a dance party with all your friends?

Yeah, I try to only be friends with cartoon characters, so that’s kind of what comes across in the video, I think.

So what was your directive to your friends? Just dance?

Yeah, it’s pretty straightforward. I just wanted each person to express their personal style, because that’s what the song is about.

So why did you decide to make it 3D?

It was just an option that came up. I was working with my director, who was like, ‘Well, we might be able to do this in 3D,’ and I was like, ‘Yeaaah, I wanna do that!’ [laughs] 3D is like the coolest thing ever. Sometimes I just wear 3D glasses just to look at the world. [laughs]

What does that do to the world? Revert everything to 1D?

It definitely makes you feel pretty weird.

Are you a fan of 3D movies? Like that canon?

Yeah, I saw Piranhas 3D and I saw Justin Bieber 3D.

Oh man, that must have been really exciting.

Oh, totally. Piranhas 3D was awesome. The crowning moment is — there’s a digital penis that gets bit off. [laughs] It’s very 3D.

Oh man, what did the audience do? I’m guessing that movie was full of guys.

I think there was probably a lot of wincing going on.

So were you a fan of the old-school 3D movies, too?

Yeah, I remember seeing a few, because my dad is really into comic books and horror movies and stuff. So I was really looking at that stuff growing up. I remember seeing a few older ones. And then I remember when one of the Freddy Krueger movies came out in 3D. I still have my glasses.

Are you excited to be a part of that world now?

That’s what I’m talking about! Yeah. But I kind of wish there was more blood spraying in my video. The blood version, where blood actually comes out of the TV. Liquid 3D. [laughs] Or, like, smells coming out.


How come nobody has been able to that yet?

I don’t know. I don’t think there’s much of a demand.

Yeah, I guess you’re right. But why aren’t there movie theaters that have all of the senses happening?

They did have those in the ’60s or something. The seats were strung with wires that mildly electrocuted people and they pumped in smells and sprayed water and stuff.

That sounds great! [laughs]

So how did you guys make the video?

We had to rent a special camera. But the guys that were filming it had never used it before, so it was kind of just an experiment. And then what happened was, when they posted it on the Internet, they didn’t realize that you need a special player to make it work, so it came up as split screen some places.

Would you consider doing any other kinds of interactive videos for this album? Like 360-degree videos or the choose-your-own-adventure kind?

I want to be like a hologram. I want to be projected as a hologram. Have you ever played the Game Boy 3Ds [Nintendo 3DS]? Or whatever it is? Oh my God, you have to check this out! You set this card on the table and aim the screen at it and the video game appears wherever you put the card. You can put it on a toilet and the video game would come out of the toilet.

So that’s what you want your video to be like?


Which song?

I think it would be cool to do a video for one of the softer songs on the album, like ‘Unusual World’ or something. And then you could make it happen in the garden at night time or the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator.

I think it’s possible. You should be the first artist to have a hologram music video. Would you ever consider having Lil Bub in a video? I saw you all were friends.

I might rock Lil Bub, but I’m allergic to cats. Lil Bub was the one cat that I’ve ever touched. She was just so goddamn cute.

Maybe a Lil Bub hologram video so that you don’t actually have to touch her?

I’m into that. Or maybe, is there a dog version of Lil Bub? People are just obsessed with f**ked-up looking animals. So maybe it should just be a video of poor animals. [laughs] Or maybe it should be a video of messed-up looking people and animals laughing at them. Animals watching videos of human babies. I don’t know, this is getting weird.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Sauger