Matchbox 20 Goes 4D With Augmented Reality App

Posted November 20

Matchbox 20 went 360-degrees for their “She’s So Mean” music video back in August; now they’re kicking it up a notch, treading into 4D territory with their official music app, a promotional tool for their most recent album, North.

For the most part, Matchbox 20′s app — built on the Mobile Roadie platform — is pretty standard artist app fare, featuring tour dates, news, merch discography, etc, but this recently launched edition boasts one standout feature: an augmented reality/4D experience courtesy of the Santa Monica-based company daqri. When you open the 4D tab on the app, you’ll pull up your phone’s camera, which will unlock the 4D experience when aimed at the North album cover. (iOS users can download the band’s app to unlock the experience — Android users can do so via the daqri app.)

Suddenly, those windows from whence the band members peer on the album cover will begin flapping back and forth , as “Put Your Hands Up” blares (and I mean BLARES; insert headphones before using) from your phone’s speakers. Behind each window is a different store of content. One features the chance to enter to win a meet and greet with the band; another a gateway to watch the video for the song “Overjoyed”; still another features an interactive map where you can view tour dates and buy tickets; and the last, of course, lets you listen to samples of every track on the album. If you move the phone away from the album cover at any time, however, the whole artifice will crumble — IE, the fun augmented reality picture will go bye-bye.

The whole thing is a flashy idea to be sure, but it was a bit fiddly and cumbersome to hold my phone up to the album whilst trying to surf through tour dates, etc. The app is definitely form over function.

What do you think of augmented reality? Fading flash, or fun fad?