Social DJ Platform Heralds Launch With Global Digital Music Festival

Posted November 13

EDM has decidedly been on the up and up in terms of visibility over the last year or so — The Grammys featured a performance studded with EDM stars and the MTV VMAs added a new EDM category. It was only a matter of time before the genre got its very own social music platform: Mixify, which is launching to the public tomorrow compete with a global, digital music festival to kick it all off., which launched in public beta in July, is kind of like a more sophisticated — for professional DJs. After a DJ joins the platform, they can start playing jams for fans — either by uploading a set or streaming it live to the site while performing (DJs have the option to record a live set via the site as well.)

Fans can then congregate in a kind of virtual chatroom to listen and chat, giving DJs feedback and interacting with other listeners. If a DJ so chooses, he can also leave a set up on the site for fans to listen to at their leisure. The whole thing is mainly an audio experience, unless you count the visualizer that pulses behind the virtual DJ. was founded by David Moricca, who was previously the brains behind social game Breakout Band, which allowed users to easily create music and compete against other players for virtual fame.

Launching that platform — which was aimed at younger users — helped spark the idea for, as Moricca noted that users were trending away from hip-hop into the EDM space. “All the talk was about DJs,” he says. “We took a hard look at this space and saw a really interesting place or space that was not being fulfilled, and that was to create a live, interactive broadcasting platform for DJs to really connect with their fans independent of geography. It can also become a place where fans can really socialize and get to know their favorite DJs.”

Going along with that “independent of geography” theme, the team plans to unleash the platform on the world at large via what it’s calling the UNITY Digital Music Festival, a digital festival housed on the platform that will feature DJs from five different continents. The fest will take place from November 14-16, and will feature headliners The Crystal Method, DJS From Mars, 3LAU and Adrian Lux.

A host of EDM blogs are also involved in the festival, bringing with them DJs like Ken Loi (of Complete Control Management), ReSeT!, Archie and Styles&Complete. Mixify also held a contest within its community to find even more acts for the show, resulting in the booking of Stalkerloo (USA), Basik Hertz (USA), Loud Assassins (Canada), a trio of DJs with a strong following on the platform.

Following this bust-em-up launch, Mixify plans to roll out some new features in the coming months, including a mobile app, premium subscription services for DJs (which is how the platform will monetize), and, perhaps, a pay-for-access model for special events.