The Rolling Stones Go Mobile With New Artist App

Posted November 20

Today, after 50 years of music-making, the Rolling Stones have entered the mobile age with a brand-new artist app: The Rolling Stones Official App for iOS.

The Stones’ app — which was apparently developed by the band itself on the Mobile Roadie platform — is pretty basic as far as artist apps go. It contains photos and videos, tweets from the band, tour dates, news, a discography and — of course — the ability to connect with other fans inside the app (via commenting, a “Fan Wall,” the ability to check in to shows, etc). The app also feature some extras, such as exclusive interviews and performances (which you have to pay to unlock), and the chance to win tickets to the upcoming Stones tour.

As we said, this kind of app is pretty de rigueur for bands nowadays, but every time a “heritage” band goes mobile we have to think how their fans back in the day would have reacted to such a resource — fans who scoured meager TV offerings for glimpses of their favorite acts and waited with bated breath for the Stones to roll into town. Now, fans of such frenzy-making bands have unfettered access to their favorite acts through Twitter, Instagram and more — and they can find kindred spirits with ease in the same locations.

Yup, “I can’t get no satisfaction” is basically a fallacy where artist access is concerned.