Wayne Coyne Celebrates Halloween — In The Hospital

Posted November 1

It’s just not Halloween unless O Music Awards 3 ringmaster, Wayne Coyne, is up to some kind of shenanigans. Last year, he released a 24-hour-long song in a human skull. This year, he poked himself in the leg, let the wound fester, and eventually ended up in the hospital in hippie attire doling out candy to patients.

Yup, way back on October 25, Coyne tweeted: “F**king poked a hole in my leg…do I need stiches???” along with a horrifying video of the wound. Apparently, he doctored himself up and kept on trucking, chilling with Daniel Huffman from New Fumes (who also performed during OMA 3), who took another horrifying snap of the injured leg. A few days later, Coyne admitted defeat — and infection — leaving him to spend his All Hallow’s Eve in the hospital.

Still, in true Flaming Lips style, Coyne didn’t let a nauseating leg wound keep him down, tweeting last night: “Trick or treat!!!! I’m allowed to have20 trick or treaters in the next 2 hours!!! Ya gotta wear cool costumes!!”

And Coyne lived up to his promise, as documented via snaps. Naturally — being Wayne Coyne — some were NSFW. We’ve embedded the tamer picture below.

Get well, Wayne! We need you fit should someone try to challenge our Guinness World Record!