Muzooka: A Music Service For Bands, Fans & The Industry

Posted December 13

Are you an artist looking to get your tunes out there/an industry person looking for the next big thing/a music fan seeking tunes as-yet-unheard by your friends? Well, a music service has just launched that purports to do that for you — all of you. Meet Muzooka, a kind of Reddit for tunes.

Muzooka launched this week out of its invitation-only period, replete with tunes from unknown bands and endorsements from producers/A&R folk like Grammy-winning producer Walter Afanasieff, Kenny Babyface Edmonds, Grammy-winning producer/composer David Foster, CEO of Brooks Entertainment Group Leonard Brooks, and producer Tony Mardini. It hopes to help bands get discovered, and industry folks/fans do the discovering.

The idea is this: You can sign up for the service as either a listener, an artist or an industry person. Artists upload their tunes to share with listeners and industry folks, the former of which are able to find new tunes, the latter, potentially, new clients. Users are able to create free, streaming playlists of songs they like — and share them via social networks — as well as upvote artists so that they can get more attention from industry people and new fans alike. Bands can also sell their music in Muzooka’s store (powered by Dwolla), netting 100% of sales total.

The service is free for all involved — although it will be rolling out paid features for bands and the ability to cache offline for fans in the future. It lives both online and on mobile as an iOS app.

Image courtesy of Flickr, schizoform