Next SoundCloud Leaves Beta — Available For All

Posted December 4

Way back in May, SoundCloud revealed its brand-new, much more social platform — Next SoundCloud — to a group of beta testers. Now, that platform is available for all — and SoundCloud is citing some pretty impressive numbers.

SoundCloud has long been a favorite tool among sound creators — it currently reaches 180 people per month — however, it has never really been that strong of a social network. Well, if a new update to the service is any indication, that’s all about to change.

Since its inception back in 2008, SoundCloud has done everything from roll out apps for Android and iOS to partner with a variety of companies in order to make it easier to share sound around the web.

Still, when it comes to the service itself, it has always seemed more like a distribution platform than a place to stay and listen to tunes. Today, though, we began to see a shift in that MO when Soundcloud rolled out a brand-new version of its web app, with mobile primed to drop on December 6.

The new update includes the following features, according to a release:

Streamlined Discovery

“A simplified onboarding experience and new Explore page invites new users to discover original music and audio from SoundCloud’s community of sound creators, hosted on the platform. In addition, improved search, related sounds suggestions, and Continuous Play encourage users to find and hear more.”

Most exciting innovation: Continuous play. Now, you can listen while you surf — a major update from the previous version.

Better Connections

“Creators are at the heart of SoundCloud, with a simpler onboarding and landing page to educate and inspire. An enhanced Facebook sign-up not only allows new users to find their Facebook friends on SoundCloud, but also lets them find music and audio creators they’ve ‘liked’ so that they can follow them on SoundCloud as well. In return, Facebook Connect helps creators build and reach their audience and the wider SoundCloud community.”

Most exciting innovation: The ability to follow bands you already like on Facebook. Not having to start over from scratch when joining a new network is a major plus. The biggest failing of music on Facebook is that it’s not a focus — you can’t listen to tunes while you surf, etc etc. Being able to follow all your favorite bands on a platform dedicated to music and sound is a gamechanger.

Improved Sharing

“Sets allow everyone to curate sounds they like in a single waveform, while reposts let friends, fans and followers easily share sets and sounds within the community. And sound creators and curators can now get real-time notifications of comments and reposts.”

Most exciting innovation: Improved sharing for non-music makers. This move truly takes SoundCloud out of the “just for musicians” realm and makes it a place for curators and fans to flourish and find tunes.