Prince Rama Share Their Crowdsourced Video For “So Destroyed”

Posted December 11

If you truck with the Mayans, you probably believe that the end of the world is nigh — yup, this great spinning globe will officially go kaputt on December 21. What better way to celebrate the “the end” (beautiful friend) with a really rad, crowdsourced music video from Hare Krishna sister act, Prince Rama? No, “crying” is not an acceptable answer.

Prince Rama — who performed at one of our Unboxed events this past summer — recently dropped their pop-inspired album, Top 10 Hits Of The End Of The World, a compilation of 10 songs written by 10 fictional bands during 10 alleged apocalypses — disasters that also claimed said fake bands’ lives.

To source the accompanying visuals for the album, the sisters turned to their fans in two instances: First, they launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their very own music video/“Now-Age Psych Opera” called Prince Rama and the Scorpion Tornado, featuring tunes from the disc. Then, they asked fans to send in dance vids so that they could created a crowdsourced music video for their single, “So Destroyed.”

The resulting awkward yet lovely dance-packed video is above, edited by one half of the band, Nimai Larson. We’re still waiting for the “Now-Age Psych Opera” to drop.

Image courtesy of Brendan Tobin