Sick Of Gangnam Style, Chris Brown And/Or Drake? Here’s The Solution

Posted December 5

As the end of 2012 draws near and the inevitable “Top 10 Albums of the Year” lists begin to roll out, you may find yourself frustrated by the plethora of publications pumping the same exact bands. Don’t you wish all that pesky, repetitive news would just go away? Well, you could — I don’t know — avoid reading stuff that grinds your gears, or you could install keyword blocker Pop Block.

Pop Block is a neat little tool from developer Greg Leuch that allows users to block out mention of any offending keywords on the Web. It will also block some video and images. Simply install the free Chrome extension (or another browser) and create an account on the Pop Block website, and you can immediately start adding keywords that you want to block on the Web. When those words appear in search results, etc, they’ll be blacked out. At time of posting, we had some issues adding keywords, but the service did just launch today, so we imagine those problems will soon be remedied.

This isn’t the first blocker that Leuch has created, his first was called “Shaved Bieber,” and eradicated the crooner from the Web in a similar manner. He also created “Dash Out” to help those suffering from Kardashian overload cope.