The Game & Stat Quo Are Looking For Talent Online For Their New Record Label

Posted December 17

Rappers The Game and Stat Quo recently announced that they are starting their own record label, a project very flashily called Rolex Records. The duo aim to release new music and sign new artists via their label, and plan to use entertainment industry platform to source talent.

Blazetrak is a site that allows professionals in a slew of fields (business, fashion, music, film, sports, etc) to put out a video call for content and talent, and up-and-comers to pay to score feedback from pros — and the chance to work with bigwigs.

The site was dreamed up in 2007 when one of the co-founders, Corey Stanford, was working with Dirty South Records. The label was having issues sorting through all the CD submissions it received from bands, so they started charging musicians $35 to send in CDs — and to receive a guarantee that an exec would listen to their tunes and provide one-on-one feedback. — which has been used by the likes of B.o.B, Big Boi and Rubin Studdard — is the evolution of that idea. Basically, pros apply to be a part of the service (as a form of quality control) and interested up-and-comers sign up for free, purchasing credits that allow them to submit their content to any opportunity that grabs their fancy. Pros will then comb through all content (scoring a cut of the cash for their time), and provide all users with video feedback and — if they like what they see — opportunities. Users, like The Game and Co, can set their own price. To apply to be signed on Rolex, songwriters, producers and artists will have to furnish 10 credits, which amounts to around $100.

For Stat Quo, the fee is key for making sure that an applicant is serious about their work. “People in this world feel like things are supposed to be given to them,” he says. “Even though it’s only just $100, it shows us some kind of initiative, some kind of wherewithal for you to go out and do your own thing and invest in yourself. How can we invest in you if you don’t want to spend money to make yourself a super star?”

Stat Quo says that the label is already finding a lot of talented people via the service, but he says that he and The Game respond to everyone equally, even if they don’t think the artist has a shot at the big time. “I don’t care how good it is or how terrible it is — and believe me, sometimes it’s awful, [we give feedback],” he says. “Everyone thinks they’re a rapper or a singer, but everyone is not. And that’s what’s really interesting about the platform — it allows professionals to give their honest opinion. Sometimes people need to be told that they don’t have what it takes.”

If someone does have what it takes, the pair will ask him/her for a video — to make sure they look good on camera as well — and if s/he passes the sight test, a signing will likely be in the musician’s future.

Obviously, the whole venture is very new — the label launched on December 1 — so the rappers have a lot of work to do when it comes to sorting through all the applications that have been coming in. “My day is that I get up in the morning, I do my Blazetrak, I work out, and then I go to the office,” Stat Quo says. “It’s that important to me — right there with my working out.”

Image courtesy of Facebook, The Game