Top Ten Tunes of 2012: Kiki Pau’s Picks [SPOTIFY PLAYLIST]

Posted December 20

The end of the year is all about reflections, new beginnings and, naturally, listening to lots and lots of tunes. That’s why we’ve asked a cadre of bands to assemble a collection of kicka$$ playlists featuring their favorite jams of 2012. Next up, we have Aleksi Gustafsso of Kiki Pau‘s picks. Check them out after the jump.

1. Tomutonttu – “Hylyt pt.2″

Diverse and mindboggling sound collage from the Finnish avant artist Tomutonttu.

2. Bill Fay – “Cosmic Concerto (Life Is People)”

Bill Fay plunges deep into the very essence of humanity with this epic track.

3. Can – “Waiting for the Streetcar”

Lost tapes from the legendary band.

4. Neil Young – “Driftin’ Back”

Just close your eyes and enjoy the trip.

5. Patti Smith – “Constantine’s Dream”

One of the best songs and most memorable lyrics that Patti Smith has written in many years. Mesmerizing.

6. Swans – “The Seer”

A 32-minute long journey into the heart of darkness. Stick around, the best part begins after about 10 minutes.

7. Prince Rupert’s Drops – “Plague Ride”

Our fellow Beyonders made an incredible debut album.

8. Godspeed! You Black Emperor – “Mladic”

G!YBE is back! Their new album opens with this monolithic and very powerful piece of music.

9. Dr. John – “Kingdom Of Izzness”

A great song from one of the grooviest albums of the year.

10. Emeralds – “Search for Me in the Wasteland”

Simply beautiful.

Image courtesy of Kiki Pau, Facebook