Top Ten Tunes of 2012: Tropic Of Pisces’ Picks [SPOTIFY PLAYLIST]

Posted December 18

The end of the year is all about reflections, new beginnings and, naturally, listening to lots and lots of tunes. That’s why we’ve asked a cadre of bands to assemble a collection of kicka$$ playlists featuring their favorite jams of 2012. Next up, we have Mathew Scheiner‘s (Oberhofer, Tropic of Pisces) picks. Check them out after the jump.

1. Matthew Dear – “Temptation”

I finally got to see this guy and his band live at SXSW this year. He’s super creative and this is a great example of how he knows how to handle a serious groove and an epic soundscape.

2. David Byrne & St. Vincent – “Who”

These are two of the most inspiring people in music to me, and you can see why. I had a big crush on Annie when we were in college and loved her music, and now getting to see her make a record with such a legend is truly awesome.

3. Frank Ocean – “Crack Rock”

He has an inimitable ability to be completely frank, no pun intended. Guy just speaks his mind. And he’s completely untainted, unafraid of being truly eclectic in the name of good music. More people should take that cue.

4. Grizzly Bear – “gun-shy”

Grizzly Bear are a true force of nature. They can do anything, and they can do it live. But it’s really nice to hear them playing with some new sonic ideas and this song is so beautiful in its simplicity.

5. Lazer Cake – “Welcome To The Bitter Dawn”

Robby Sinclair leads this band and drives it, as the lead singer and drummer. This title track plays with the listener so much that you can’t help but be aroused.

6. Chairlift – “Ghost Tonight”

This entire album is really incredible. Chairlift really know how to make a super weird, super catchy, super danceable pop record, and this album is undeniable proof. This track is my favorite because it leans a little more to the weird side.

7. Usher – “Climax”

As a singer, I have a huge man-crush on Usher and his invincible voice (and dance moves). I like how he dipped a little into the modern electronica pool with this track that’s top-notch accompaniment to some “deep-tissue lovemaking”.

8. Passion Pit – “Constant Conversations”

While we’re on the topic of lovemaking, this track is just dripping wet with rainy-day-stay-in-bed-all-day sexuality, but it’s still got that anthemic sing-along chorus. AND a Kanye-style vocal sample. FTW.

9. Tame Impala – “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”

These kids know how to groove, and Kevin’s a serious songwriter, and this track has so much old-school psychedelia that you can see the winds of the past sweeping across the mescaline desert in your mind.

10. Daniel Rossen – “Return To Form”

This song has so much compelling ear candy in it, and it’s so unmatchably heavy, though at times it has this really lazy, ultra-cool groove to it. Oh, and the drums don’t even come in until after the halfway point of the song.

Image courtesy of Facebook, Tropic of Pisces