Facebook Launches Graph Search For Delving Even Deeper Into Friends’ Interests

Posted January 15

Furthering its mission to help people connect online, Facebook today unleashed a new tool that it’s calling Graph Search, designed to help you launch increasingly specific searchs via the social network — IE, “Bands my friends like,” “Friends who like running,” or, most interestingly, “Bands my friends who like [insert political figure here] like.” Yup, you now have the ability to judge your pals more harshly than ever before — just kidding!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the still-in-beta feature (you can sign up here) at an event today in Menlo Park, California, stressing that the function can be used to search for anything on Facebook: photos from certain eras of particular people, venues, friends who live in certain cities, etc. It works for friends as well as friends of friends, and any results that can’t be found on Facebook will be routed to Bing (privacy rules still apply — you can only search for info that’s public or shared with you). The function will start rolling out slowly today to U.S. users.

While we can see this being a great utility for the average user, it could be an interesting tool for those in the music scene as well. Imagine being able to search “Friends who like The National in New York City” and instantly getting a list of folks who might be interested in joining you at their next show. Or, if you’re a band who has friended tons of fans on Facebook, you could use that utility to plan your next tour.

How would you use Facebook’s new Graph Search?