Hey, DJs, Now You Can Add SoundCloud To The Mix

Posted January 2

Any DJs out there looking to expand their mixing horizons? How about throwing some deep cuts on the digital turntables, courtesy of SoundCloud app SoundCloud DJ?

SoundCloud DJ — created by creative agency OKFocus — is a fun little app that allows you to mix SoundCloud tracks. Simply grab the URLs of the jams in question and drop them into neighboring queues and you’ll be able to mix at will — there’s a sliding bar on the bottom that lets you do so, as well as keyboard controls. You can also search for jams in-app by term, BPM or genre.

Only having the most rudimentary DJing skills (we’ve DJ’d to some empty rooms in our day), we were not able to take full advantage of this offering. Hit us up in the comments if you’ve had transcendent success.

h/t PopGun Booking