Jets Overhead Shows What Fans Really Want With Interactive Music Video

Posted January 16

Canadian band Jets Overhead got really literal with their interactive music video for “What You Really Want,” asking fans to write down their deepest desires for a chance to be integrated into the vid.

“What You Really Want” comes off of the band‘s third studio album Boredom and Joy, and the video was conceptualized by studio/technology company Murmur, who are fans of the band.

In order to make the linear version of the video, the band and Murmur set up a website where fans could submit pictures of themselves holding up signs on which they had scrawled things that they, well, really want. The best were selected and edited into a video that premiered on Rolling Stone.

The story doesn’t stop there. In addition to the traditional video, the band also created an ever-changing version of the work on that website. Not only can fans continue to submit pictures, they can also create their own versions of the video by selecting different photos from a growing collection.

“I was moved for sure by some of the images to do with healing and the more serious sentiments,” says guitarist Adam Kittredge. “There’s definitely some good humorous ones as well…. The guy with the mullet is pretty awesome.”

Take a look at the linear version above — and the interactive here — and let us know: What do you really want?