Kickstarter Of The Week: Bjork Aims To Unleash Biophilia On More Screens & Schools

Posted January 29

Bjork’s album/app Biophilia was an ambitious undertaking, to say the least: Not only did the Icelandic musician pen a 10-song album, she also helped create a suite of accompanying apps, a fleet of new instruments, a dynamic live experience and an educational program for children interested in learning about musicology. Now, Bjork is looking to build out this expansive project even more, launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring Biophilia to more screens and her educational program to more schools.

When Bjork’s Biophilia album dropped on October 11, 2011, it was only released on iOS, greatly limiting the number of people who had access to the app. Sure, iPhones hold a significant portion of the smartphone market and iPads are pretty popular as well, but Bjork isn’t content to limit the app’s exposure to Apple fanboys. By that same token, she doesn’t want the accompanying educational campaign to be have limited access, either. Hence her Kickstarter campaign.

Still in its infancy, Bjork’s campaign has so far raised around $16,013 of its approximately $590,587 goal (original dollar amounts were in pounds). With 28 days to go, Bjork is asking fans to contribute money that will make it possible for her to 1). Bring the Biophilia app to Android and Windows 8 devices, courtesy of the same team — Snibbe Studios — that worked on the original app. 2). To widen the reach of her Biophilia Educational Program, a non-profit project that brings the ideas and concepts behind the app (nature and science, music and technology) into the classroom. The cash will “go towards the development of an open-source curriculum guide for Biophilia Educators,” Bjorks says on her Kickstarer page. “We would like to be in a position to pay educational specialists to create Biophilia lesson plans and give them what they need to assist teachers to use the Biophilia apps in their music and science lessons.”

To entice people to donate cash, Bjork is offering up tons of Biophilia-themed rewards like the app itself, T-shirts, special edition records and concert tickets. Folks who donate more than $200 will also be thanked in the credits of the new apps.