Moosify Matches Music Mates On Spotify & Mobile

Posted January 11

The Beach Boys once sang, “It wouldn’t be right to leave your best girl home on a Saturday night.” But what is one to do when one’s best girl/guy is a knuckle-dragging heathen and refuses to accompany one to see that awesome new garage rock band at the abandoned deli-turned-music-venue down by the river? Maybe, dear one, it’s time to take a peek at Spotify app Moosify.

Moosify is Spotify’s newest music dating/meeting people app — joining Tastebuds and Fellody — that adheres to this basic conceit: If someone has the same taste in music as you, you’ll probably want to hang with them. (Speaking from experience, I can say that this assertion is basically a fallacy. However, it does help prevent situations like the one described above from transpiring.)

After adding the app to your Spotify desktop service, you can create an account by signing in via Facebook or email. We recommend tapping into Facebook, though, because the app pulls in more of your interests thusly. The app will then create a profile for you, featuring a snap culled from Facebook, in addition to your “Likes” and musical tastes.

Your Spotify listening history factors prominently into your profile, pulling in favorite tracks and top artists. From there, you can edit at will, adding more interests, photos and a status indicating what you’re looking for: new music, new people, a chat or someone to flirt with. You can also choose, rather ominously, “digging for dirt.” Whatever that means.

Profile polished and shined, you’re now ready to go searching for a showgoing buddy. To do so, start listening to any jams you like and choose the gender and age of your ideal future friend/lover, along with what you hope they’re looking for. The app will then spit out a list of people listening to similar tunes who fit the bill in your area. From there, you can peruse their profiles, listen to their tunes (and even save them to playlists), and — if they strike your fancy — you can shoot them a message or a track.

Moosify also offers a preexisting mobile app — for Android and iOS — that has the same basic functionality as well as a feature that allows you to add favorite venues and music-related locations to your profile. It also allows you to indicate that you’re visiting said clubs in order to meet up with new friends.

Like we said up yonder, Moosify isn’t the only music dating/meetup app on the block. However, according to The Next Web, it hopes to distinguish itself by focusing more on discovery than love connections. “Moosify is by design more on the discovery side and not so much focused on the dating aspect,” Hans Posch, Founder and CEO of Moosify, told TNW. “It’s a place to explore, chat and meet new people, be it for attending a concert, having a drink or chatting about a new album. Additionally we’re mobile-first, and featuring music-related places as a strong connection to real life, aside from interacting online only.”

Now who wants to meet us at the abandoned deli-turned-music-venue down by the river?