Music Bloggers: Embedded Tweets Just Got More Interactive

Posted January 22

Twitter released a nifty little piece of news today that should be a boon to music bloggers around the Web: Now, when you embed tweets on your site, you’ll be able to include content like songs, videos and pictures as well.

Back in June, Twitter rolled out a new feature called expanded tweets, allowing users to see the photos, listen to the songs, watch the videos and read the article exerts that others tweet without having to leave Twitter. For example, if a band tweeted a SoundCloud link to its new jam, fans could just listen to it via a drop-down card in their Twitter timeline.

Now, bloggers can embed that whole experience directly into their posts. So, if, say, a band tweeted a link to its brand-new track, a blogger can now include the original tweet — along with the playable track — in his/her story in one fell swoop.

So how do you embed a tweet? Simply mouse over the blank space at the bottom of a tweet to bring up the reply, retweet and favorite options. Next to those, you’ll see “More” — when you select “More” you’ll be given the option to grab an embed code. Right now, that option seems to be experiencing some issues — growing pains, we imagine — but soon you will be able to embed jams, videos and more with ease. But not Instagram photos. Bummer.