Music & Tech Around The Web: BitTorrent Rebrands, YouTube View Controversy & More

Posted January 2

And we’re back! Hope you’ve had a lovely holiday capped off with some resolutions just fixing to fail! Here’s one you can keep: Resolve to bone up on some links below.

* Healing, not stealing: BitTorrent Launches Both Rebranding Campaign & BeamItOver Facebook Filesharing

* No cooking the count books here: No, The Major Labels Didn’t Fake 2 Billion YouTube Views

* Creeptastic: This Instagram-Street View Mash-Up Is a Stalker’s Wet Dream

* Premature karaoke: Hear Beck’s Song Reader as performed by the Portland Cello Project

* Gives new meaning to “inner battle”: Gollum Vs. Smeagol Rap Battle