The Black Lips On: The Coachella Cruise & How The Past Inspires

Posted January 3

The other week, the O Music Awards took to the high seas on the SS Coachella with the aim of chatting up bands about the buoyant experience, as well as their favorite innovations of 2012. The Black Lips — who are old hands at performing at sea — let us bend their ears before playing their second set on the Jamaica leg of the voyage, telling us that they often look to the past when looking to the future.

For those of you who opted to remain on dry land this Christmas, the SS Coachella festival took place on an extremely fancy cruise ship over the course of two legs: one that traveled to the Bahamas, another to Jamaica. The event featured performances from bands like Yeasayer, Pulp, Girl Talk and more, as well as off-kilter events like Bingo with Grimes and a Gilligan’s Island-themed pub crawl with the Black Lips. In short, it was a weird, weird, weird event whose success we’re still waiting to gauge (facts and figures forthcoming).

Check out our interview with the Lips below. When they’re not sailing away, the band is working on a new album, which will likely be produced by Mark Ronson (who produced their last record, Arabia Mountain).