Top Ten Tunes Of 2012: Jamaican Queens’ Picks [SPOTIFY PLAYLIST]

Posted January 2

The end of the year is all about reflections, new beginnings and, naturally, listening to lots and lots of tunes. That’s why we’ve asked a cadre of bands to assemble a collection of kicka$$ playlists featuring their favorite jams of 2012. Next up, we have Jamaican Queens’ picks. Check them out after the jump.

1). Jeremih – “773 LOVE”

I think that Late Nights With Jeremih was probably the most solid mixtape of the year. This is the only song off of it on Spotify, and it’s probably the most memorable. I actually tried calling the number, but Jeremih didn’t answer and the mailbox was full. I guess I’ll have to find love somewhere else…

2). Usher – “Climax”

Usher came back huge this year. I didn’t expect him to ever write another song as good as ‘My Way,’ but ‘Climax’ totally delivered. Diplo’s production is just as surprisingly great.

3). Danny Brown – “Blueberry”

I remember when I used to see Danny Brown play house shows in Detroit. Now he’s a f**king superstar. Darq E Freaker supplied a grimy beat that was just what Danny needed to make a true club hit.

4). Gucci Mane & Birdman – “Get Lost”

Another great mixtape from the latter part of ’12. This is one of the many standout tracks for me.

5). Bobby Womack – “Please Forgive My Heart”

When I heard that Damon Albarn was gonna be working on the new BW album, I was already sold. Obviously that combo can’t be bad.

6). Lana Del Ray – “Video Games”

Everybody made fun of LDR at the beginning of the year, but I still believe this is one of the sickest pop songs to come out of 2012. F**k the haters.

7). Brother George – “Truly Yours”

A great sappy love song filled with a beautiful chord structure and perfectly hyperbolic lyrics about the woman of the singer’s dreams.

8). Frank Ocean – “Forrest Gump”

We were on tour driving home from Chicago when we realized that this song might mean soon it’ll be OK for a man to sing explicitly about his love for another man on top 40 radio. I almost wish Frank Ocean wasn’t so subtle in his production on Channel Orange so it would have a better shot.

9). Future – “Turn On The Lights”

A masculist anthem. It’s refreshing to hear a man sing about what we’re all secretly looking for in the seedy scenes we exist in. A good party hit with a positive message is a rare thing to come by (and we knew that everyone else would probably have already put Kendrick Lamar – ‘Swimming Pools’ on their list). This is also the best I’ve ever heard an 808 drum machine sound. This is up there with ‘Nigga What Nigga Who’ as one of my favorite rap beats of all time.

10). Fiona Apple – ‘Left Alone’

I wasn’t even aware she had a new record until I was riding with Adam, looking out at the dirty field that used to be Tiger Stadium. Fiona’s falsetto suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks ‘tears calcify in my tummy,’ she said. My reaction was to laugh out the words ‘What the f**k?’ I want her to ask me to leave her alone… and then not.

Image courtesy of Big Hassle